Bright kitchen

Once fully closed and outdated, this kitchen is now the envy of the neighborhood.

The new open plan maximizes space and opens onto the main living areas.


The only constraint in the renovation was the support column, which could not be moved – so it was worked into a functional part of the redesigned kitchen area integrating into a shelf unit and utilizing what would have been lost space.


cm2 design also chose an island with storage on both sides devoid of handles on the side of the dining room, to maintain clean lines, and to further maximize space and storage. White lacquer, and a white quartz countertop with a slightly mottled gray, together with a new cork flooring, light up the entire ground floor.


The bathroom, mostly original, has also been redesigned by cm2 design. The window above the bathtub was enlarged, a pedestal sink replaced the old vanity without limiting storage, and a series of closets were added.